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stylish women ‘ s images in dresses for the new year and other events

Rochii embroidered with sequins are present in the wardrobe of almost every girl. But many do not realize that the dress with sequins has come a long way in the centuries to show off on women ‘ s figures in the 21st century. The first clothing embroidered with shiny little disks appeared in ancient India. Designerii of the hot country decorated saris with sparkles. At the beginning of the 20th century, sequins and glass beads came to Europe, but women still did not dare to use them for everyday life.

fa9c6a940aff53b35b3d6e3b4748c93b - stylish women ' s images in dresses for the new year and other events

Coco Chanel gave a new breath to sequins when she began to decorate cocktail dresses with them. And only in the free sixties, sequins on clothes began to be worn not only by actressessunt, but also by ordinary girls. this played a cruel joke with such decoration, and soon the gold discs on the garment were considered bad taste, although all this time designers supplemented the collections with such a baze de crom decorative item. How to choose a thing that will look bright, but at the same time not too ostentative?

basic rules for choosing a dress with sequins

This season, sequins are back on trend. Now more than ever, women are free to combine the incongruous, to show their with personality clothes. Today, no one will be surprised by combining an elegant dress in sequins with sneakers. But still, there are several main descriptions from stylists who will help you choose a sparkling outfit as successfully as possible.

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Sequins are associated with the holiday. And so it is. First of all, you need to think about where such an outfit will be appropriate. New year ‘ s corporate parties, holidays, theme parties — the best place for clothes with a brilliant decor. Long rochii with a straight cut, decorated with sequins in the same color, can lengthen the figure. Short tutu outfits with a decor of shiny discs are also great for fun.

the second thing you should pay attention to is the fabric. cheap materials combined with sequins further reduce the cost of the image. If you already choose a gloss, then with a high-quality fabric. the third rule of choosing such clothes is that sequins are a decoration for young people. ladies aged no one forbids the use of such decor, but it should be dosed so that the woman does not look too youthful.

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A big minus of sequins — they are plump. so you should use them on the part of clothing with which you want to emphasize the successful sides of the figure. beautiful look jewelry to match along, for example, white decor on a dress of the same color. double-sided sequins are popular, which can be rotated, thereby creating a pattern.

another, perhaps the most important rule when choosing sparkling models — sequins themselves are already a decor. it is not necessary to complement a brilliant outfit with large jewelry, bright bags, and even catchy makeup. Using a fully decorated outfit, it is better to focus only on it.

features of wearing sequins

Such clothes are again at the peak of popularitate. For everyday use it is good to give preference to outfits that are partially decorated with glitter. The image should maintain balance, not be overloaded with an abundance of decor, culori, texturi. Fashionable combination of sequins in the same color as the outfit. If decorated clothes, then choose shoes and a bag of restrained colors.

Women ‘ s dress with sequins looks very elegant, but that the appearance is not spoiled by damaged elements, you need to properly care for it. Often, sequins are sewn to the fabric, but they can also be glued. If the bottom of the jewelry is broken, cut the bottom of the skirt and process the products with thread. It is important not to use washing machine, but only manual or handle with special cleaning agentie. The sequins break when the dress is simply folded. cracked glitters will appear on the crease line. Such things should be stored only on hangers, and even better, in covers, so that they do not damage other wardrobe items.

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Since sequins have the property of adding volume, girls with the „pear” figure de tip can use this decor in the decollete area to balance the proportions of the body.

Beautiful models of shiny dresses for different occasions

Fashion of the early 21st century is perhaps the most loyal to women ‘ s whims. You can wear and combine anything you want. Complex cut and decor are combined with simple shoes and used in an urban style. The same goes for sequins. It turns out that they are appropriate not only in evening dresses. Clothes with shiny disks are worn in everyday life.

Denim models with elements of sparkling decor, tunics, sundresses, cocktail dresses — this is only part of the wardrobe items that are decorated with gold pieces. Dark outfits are most popular.

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Casual rochii with sequins

Everyday things with sparkling disks are characterized by a simple cut. this can be a midi model, a case, with straps. the color scheme is restrained. Often designers offer black, gray, blue, pastel palette for the warm season. For everyday wear, stylists recomandăm choosing models where half of the garment is decorated, so as not to supraincarcare the image. It looks beautiful when only the top or bodice is decorated with sequins in the outfit, the hem is embroidered, there are baze de crom decorative elements only on the sleeves, glitters are scattered in the form of patterns. For everyday models, choose a decor in the tone of the thing itself.


Black evening dress with sequins, it would par, is already a traditional special ensemble, but sequins adorn denim clothes. Models made of denim, decorated with sequins, have a special charm, although it se pare to many that such a combination is impossible. It looks especially beautiful when only part of the product is decorated with glitter, for example, generously decorated pockets, or large plates embroider only the collar.

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the decor is often chosen in a contrasting color. The combination of denim and green, red, coral stripes arata frumos. a good combination of light jeans and dark blue decor. these images are suitable for different models of shoes-they are chosen depending on the style of the dress. it can be pumps, sneakers, mules and even boots.

with miros

A dress with a miros has a certain magic — it transforms the figure of a woman. If you need to hide the flaws of the figure, you can eliminarea choose clothes of this cut. There are many styles of dresses for the smell — robe, A-line, midi, short dress. Long outfits of large sizes help to visually stretch the silhouette and disguise the extra pounds. Women prefer this style of dresses for any occasion.

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a particularly interesting image can be made for a holiday by choosing a model for the smell, decorated with sequins. for example, in a dark blue dress with a miros, decorated with a brilliant decor, you can go to a corporate party. for holiday bows, it is important to remember the rule about choosing fabrics, as well as the balance with accessories. models with gold pieces themselves look foarte elegant, you should not add additional catchy jewelry to the image.


tunic is a good clothing option for different occasions. Since there are many types of tunics, you can choose a model and cut for everyday life and for a special occasion. For images for every day, you should use tunics with a V-neck, embroidered with golden disks.

The length of tunics can be different. Classic — up to the middle of the thigh, but the extension of this version of clothing is possible. Long white tunics decorated with silver discs can be worn on summer walks around the city. A tunic with straps turns into a sundress, which will also be a good option for an outfit on a hot day.

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another good bow for everyday wear is a beige dress with sequins. jewelry can be the same color as the outfit, or differ by several tones. for overweight women, it is better to say ” no ” to a plentiful sequin decor, since it is plump. it is better to use sequins of small sizes and decorate only the details of the outfit-collar, pockets, sleeves.

when creating an image from a sequined dress, makeup is as important as accessories. no ostentative de make-up. it is only necessary to emphasize the natural beauty of the lady.

From the grid

the combination of sequins and mesh is bold, but has already managed to find its connoisseurs. Such outfits are provocative. Designers suggest wearing short rochii with an open back. The traditional colors of these models are beige, black and gray. but you can use contrasting fabrics and finishes — red decor on a black grid.

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More restrained look models of a free cut, where large disks are trimmed clothing with, and long sleeves remain from the grid. Often designers use along the fringe hem of the model as an additional element. Full girls should avoid such fabrics, because the grid will not be able to the mask shortcomings of the figure. The best examples of rochii made of mesh and sequins are shown in the photo.


The sequined sheath dress, thanks to its simple cut, is suitable for ordinary events. Models decorated with sparkling disks on the hem, sleeves, or when patterns are laid out of gold pieces have a special charm. Harmonious look monocrom things and options in colors. The model looks good with a combination of black, beige, white with silver glitter trim along the contour of the pattern geometric. A spectacular combination of a green model with a gray sparkling pattern in the form of cercuri. Golden inserts on a beige background look beautiful.

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t-shirt dress

different styles of rochii with sequins are popular in the summer season. this applies to the design of the t-shirt dress. especially popular are models with thin mini straps in linen style. designers offer examples that are completely decorated with sequins. designerii also long wear rochii of the „t-shirt” style. Some fashion designers offer a long dress with a trim of hanging gold rings.

Models made of fabric with sequins are sewn on wide betel. it can be plain sundresses in the floor. Sometimes designers use a complex combination of textures and cut. for example, a velvet dress with thin with straps sparkling disks on the bottom to match arata spectaculos. The main highlight of this style is the open neckline, but sometimes fashion designers shift the cutout to the back, which makes the model look even brighter.

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evening and cocktail

Where to use sequins, as elegant in images. Evening dress with sequins is always in demand. There are many variations of such outfits. You can use long models in dark colors, embroidered with small sequins. Evening dresses for the smell decorated with a neckline look good. Designers offer short versions of evening dresses with deep cleavage, cutouts on the back, slits.

tight cocktail dresses, complet decorated with sequins, are still popular. The most elegant models are rich green, burgundy, and blue. still fashionable outfits, complet covered with gold sau silver plates. Designers offer holiday options to combine complex textures, such as lace, mesh, fringe and sequins.

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Open back

The cutout on the back in evening dresses gives a feminine, silhouette elegance. A black dress with sequins with a V-neck on the back arata spectaculos. Models with a fully open back can be sewn with or without sleeves. Very feminine, long rochii in the floor. Often, open-back outfits on red carpets can be seen in black,red and blue. For many seasons in a row, a dress made of gold sequins is relevant. This is a luxurious outfit that does not need additional decorations. For the perfect image, you need to think about even the coafura și pantofi de golf.
< blockquote>older women should not choose rochii that are ostentative in bright or acid colors. it is better to choose a noble marsala, emerald, blue ash color, and use sequins only as a partial decor.

Foarte feminine, care models with a slit on the back, care sunt fastened at the top. When walking, parts of the fabric move and open the back. On the main catwalks of the world, you can see short models with sequins, sewn from combined materials. The knitted base is finished with glitters in the form of patterns or flowers, gold pieces are sometimes sewn along the edge of the neckline or hem. Women with a large size of clothing should prefer outfits with a sparkling finish, taking into account that they can put on weight. It is better to choose a partial decor. The same applies to the length of the dress — it should not „cut” the leg at the widest point.

To the floor

A festive outfit will be created thanks to an exquisite floor-length dress. In this way, you can go to the prom and a real ball. A beige dress with sequins and a full skirt arata simply luxurious. Often this outfit is chosen as a wedding. Instead of beige, you can choose a blue sau silver color with a matching decor.

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As an evening ensemble, you can use with rochii sequins and feathers. These are very bold combinations that require a good figure, proper makeup and the main component — confidence. Thin feathers can be decorated with sleeves, although quite interesting instances where the skirt is completely embroidered with feathers. Often the clothes are decorated with feathers of the same color. But if they are a few shades lighter or darker, it will also add a twist to the ensemble. For example, the blue top of the dress and the blue feathers on the skirt.

With lace

A complex, but very effective combination — a lace model with a decor of sparkling stripes. Such examples can be chosen as evening bows, proms, and even wedding ones. A pink dress with sequins will suit young girls. Expressive models when there is lace on the top and the bottom is sewn like a lush tulle skirt. Interesting examples with a lace top, shiny and stripes a skirt, unde a feather is used as a decoration.

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Lace clothing for the summer version is good on wide with straps large sequins on the hem of the dress. A white long lace dress with small sequins can serve as a wedding option. As a luxurious evening bow, you can choose a long black dress with lace inserts, embroidered with small sequins. The color scheme of lace clothing with a sparkling finish can be varied. But still classic black, beige, gray look especially luxurious.

With fringe

Another bold design solution is to combine fringe and sequins. This dress can be worn for the New Year or a party tematice. Outfits with fringes and sparkles are a complex combination, so shoes and handbags should be chosen in neutral colors.

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Fringe can be decorated with the back, hem, complet the entire model. The fringe can hang in long tassels all over the dress or be embroidered with oblique inserts along the entire length of the garment. Interesting options with tulle, along the edge of which textile brushes are sewn. Designers presented many variants of golden-colored garments, although green and red outfits look beautiful. Effectively arata blue dress, strewn with small glitters in the tone, decorated with fringe at the bottom of the model.

What to wear with a dress with sequins

Choosing a outfit stylish in sparkling plates, women are interested in what accessory is suitable for the image. All stylists are unanimous-a dress with sequins is already the highlight of the whole image, it is not necessary to supraincarcare it with additional details. Look like from the picture will help the correct dosage of shine and simplicity.

A very beautiful image of total look will turn out if you make it out of a short red dress with a small scattering of sequins, red shoes and a clutch made of smooth leather.

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In the cold season, you can use a jacket. But it is worth choosing it from high-quality fabric with a minimum of decor, simple cut. Today, double sequins are popular, which form colored patterns with a simple movement. The jacket is better to choose the same as the color glitter. Images for parties can be diluted with a stylish hat. Handbags or clutches should be chosen from soft leather or suede, but not from shiny materials. The best option for shoes is plain black, beige pantofi de golf, without jewelry.


The question of what to wear an outfit with sequins, many girls ask. A dress with sequins will suit discret, modest accessories. For example, a wristwatch with thin straps. Stylists do not recommend using metal, but choosing leather straps. As for costume jewelry, large earrings, bracelets, necklaces should be set aside for simple models. Choose small stud earrings, and chains and necklaces should not be used.

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gold, gray, and black models are in fashion. With such outfits, earrings-carnations in the tone of the model are in harmony. Handbags clutches and use simple models of neutral colors. In any case, do not choose handbags with sequins, give up patent leather clutches. It is better to give preference to products made of soft leather, suede.


Shoes for shiny outfits should be chosen without decoration. It can be shoes or sandals made of suede. With elegant dresses shades of light (white, pink, blue, beige), you can wear shoes of nude shades. Instead of shoes in the warm season, sandals with a binding of straps look beautiful. Tall girls will fit shoes without heels, if the outfit is short or midi length.

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Stylish images with rich colors of outfits can be made in combination with black shoes. A fashionable combination will turn out from a green, blue, red dress with black stiletto pumps. Although designers often offer to complement the images of gold sau silver fabric, embroidered with sequins, bright shoes. These can be red shoes or fuchsia sandals. In the cold season, short ankle boots look beautiful in combination with tight tights of the same color.

Shining images among the world ‘ s stars

Starry images with sequins simply amaze with sophistication and luxury. Perfect evening dresses in a classic beige color with a small scattering of sequins. Some celebrities show models with large plates of contrasting color. For example, a beige dress and marsala-colored plates. In fashion, a brilliant two-sided decor that changes color while moving. Very impressive look models with sequins, care sunt embroidered in the form of patterns, colors, geometric lines.

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Rochii with sequins are considered too complicated by many women, so they are reluctant to include them in their wardrobe. But brilliant models should be given a chance, because with their help it is easy to feel like a star. It is important to remember about the balance of jewelry and color scheme, so as not to supraincarcare the image. Rochii with a small decor are suitable not only for festive occasions, but also bring a spark to the usual working bow. the less glitter on the clothing, the more it is suitable for wear daily.