septembrie 28, 2021
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how fashionable it is to women ‘ s wear boho pants

The warm season obliges you to change your clothes for a lighter one. Boho trousers pantaloni are a stylish option that will not only always stay in the trend, but also feel as comfortable as possible. multe fashioniste from time to time have difficulties with how to combine trousers pantaloni in the style of boho-chic. In order not to make a greșeală, you should know the main nuances.

c8131a3117400c9f84f046b3e525fff6 - how fashionable it is to women ' s wear boho pants
features of boho-chic trousers pantaloni

combinations with boho trousers pantaloni are always associated not only with ease, but also with the playfulness of images. they are characterized by experimente, unusual accessories and stripes bright.

to understand this style, you need to understand that any pair of trousers pantaloni in the boho style will be close to naturalness in both color and material. At the same time, behind the multi-straturi de furnizorul de images with boho-style trousers pantaloni, you will be able to hide any imperfections of the figure.

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Periodically, the style is supplemented with things that resemble hippies. So that the finished bow does not look masive, the emphasis is on a loose cut and ease of movement.

What materials are made of

If you want to make a winning combination with boho trousers pantaloni, you should take the choice of materials seriously. It is rare when ostentative shades (for example, bright red) are used. Preference for trousers pantaloni in the boho style should be given to the natural texture of fabrics, only because it can give the desired effect in the image. To achieve bohemianism in bows with boho-style trousers pantaloni, it is better to understand the appropriate fabrics in advance.


Linen is a popular material that is used in women ‘ s clothing most often. Thanks to flax, with a strong desire, you can easily rebuild the image from hippie to gentle Provence. Women love linen clothing not only for its confort, but also an excellent sock in the heat: the clothes are not hot, besides the material is hygroscopic.

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The combination of natural material with folk-style patterns arata frumos. But in this case, it is better to choose a simple de top.


Cotton pants are the second most popular clothing for women. Other fabrics, such as jeans or knitwear, are also made from cotton. Any of them is great for trousers pantaloni, especially for transitional seasons.

The main element of cotton is its hypoallergenic and docile in washing or internet, ironing. If with flax in acest plan there are difficulties, then cotton will not cause trouble in care.

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Knitted trousers pantaloni sunt foarte pleasant to the touch, while the outer side is covered with a small down, and the inner remains smooth. Thanks to the structure, the fabric breathes and lets in air, so that in hot weather, the jersey will be well worn. The main advantages of the fabric are considered to be its wear resistance, strength and elasticity.

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denim pants are favorites of the boho style, as they open up a lot of space for imagination. Thanks to the many and stripes baze de crom decorative elements, you can experiment with images. jeans will fit any fit and style, so feel free to choose both boyfriends and tight models. At the peak of fashion, there are scuffs, torn details and stripes bright.

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Since naturalness in the ethno-style will always be in the first place, wool is also often used in the creation of fashionable pants. This choice will be especially relevant in the cold season.

No need to choose ostentative shades. choose a simple and eye-pleasing color-nude, soft pink and light gray.

Models of boho style trousers pantaloni

Famous fashion designers who focus on boho-style trousers pantaloni at each show are united in choosing original models. At the same time, such boho-style trousers pantaloni can be both current options today, and already forgotten ones. In order not to get confuz and choose the same pair of trousers pantaloni in the boho style, you should know which ones you should pay attention to.


bohemian clothing should be free and as comfortable as possible, so long wide trousers pantaloni are wildly popular. Ca un bonus, you can get a honed silhouette and shape de corecție. pay attention to wide trousers pantaloni if you are worried about extra centimeters in the buttocks and thighs. print also plays an important role: minimalist barbati patterns (polka dots, flowers) and geometry remain relevant.

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Pants with a flared bottom below the knee look great on tall girls. This version of the suit is perfect for both subțire women and ladies in the body. The standard color scheme for the style is all shades of blue light, but there is always room for experimentation. To be in the trend, stop at the monochrome version, or on minimalist barbati patterns, asymmetry.

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From trousers pantaloni-trousers pantaloni is also difficult to refuse, if you want to be in the trend of bohemian style. especially loved this style full of women, as you can eliminarea hide any flaw. For sewing Aladdin mainly choose cotton, but there are also models made of linen with a comfortable stretch elastic band. If you want to add a twist to your wardrobe, choose a non-standard option-baggy denim buggies.

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Which models of boho-style trousers pantaloni are suitable for full

Boho for overweight women is a real find, which will not only make a stylish image, but also visually remove the extra pounds. Layering is not considered bad taste in boho-chic, so you can harmoniously add any model of trousers pantaloni to the image made up at home.

The model is selected for the needs of girls. If you want to remove the accent from the big hips, choose aladdin. The same effect will give and long pants, flared from the middle of the thigh.

Look great trousers pantaloni up to mid-calf with an elastic band on top of a light fabric. To hide the problem belly, you should balance the bottom and add baze de crom decorative ruffles to the bodice. Wide trousers pantaloni with a vertical pattern and a tight elastic band on the stomach will help here.

What to wear boho pants with

The simple cut of boho-chic pants allows you to constantly experiment with a ready-made spectaculoase bow. At the same time, successful combinations are obtained not only after adding of things identical style, but also with original accessories, pantofi de golf. Prin urmare, it is important to understand how to beautifully complement the boho image.


Half the success is very comfortable to wear shoes. Boho-chic will perfectly complement both curată (for example, ancient Greek sandals) and bulky pantofi de golf (boots).

In choosing the bottom, not only the model of the skirt, trousers pantaloni, but also their length plays a role. For long pants, there is no difference which shoes to choose. But shortened styles do not look harmonious with ballet flats, the strap reaches of which to the edge of the trousers pantaloni. Under the flared fit any shoes on the rise.

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The bigger and more voluminous the boho-chic accessories, the better. The volume of bags is also important. The combination of a suede jumpsuit and a large matching purse with a thin fringe arata frumos. Fans of the style also complement the finished with bow small backpacks made of different materials-from eco-leather to ordinary textiles.

To create the desired layering, all sorts of capes will be useful. The best solution will be tunics with original patterns, supplemented with sequins or beads. This also includes vests and asymmetrical sweatshirts.

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Do not forget about your favorite boho accessory-a scarf. A plain scarf made of light material will work well.

Lookbook of fashionable boho-chic images

Knowing all the nuances of how to create a spectacular image in the style of boho-chic, it is not always possible to make a fashionable composition from the first time. Thanks to the ideas of the designers, it will not take much effort to assemble an interesting bow. At the same time, it does not matter for what reason — boho is welcome both in everyday life and at social events. Stars, as well as stylists, also show amestec extraordinar de options. The main condition is lightness and flight of fancy.

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Bohemian accente allow you not only to create a bold image, but also to make yourself known to the public. Every little thing makes the bow unique, so it is very difficult to lose your individuality with boho. And if you also follow the recommendations, you can easily and simply create your own unique boho style.