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de6c1c5616a4705cc693d2e5d7b99604 - Fashionable plaid dresses for overweight girls

Fashionable plaid dresses for overweight girls

A checkered dress for a plump woman is a versatile option for different occasions. It will be suitable for a business meeting, or for a walk, for a romantic evening or social event. The difficulty is that not all prints with a cage fit any figure. At the same time, it is quite easy to spoil the image with an incorrectly selected model. In order not to make a greșeală and always be on top, you should study in advance the features of the selection of outfits in the box.

de6c1c5616a4705cc693d2e5d7b99604 - Fashionable plaid dresses for overweight girls
Features of choosing dresses for a full figure

Choosing a dress in a cage for a full woman, you can face many obstacles: the material, style, cut is not suitable, and in general it is difficult to choose an outfit for the figure. To avoid this, you need to know the small features of the selection of the image, style for pyshechki.

First, you should determine your body type — „apple”, „pear”, „rectangle” or”hourglass”. Based on this, it is much easier to choose the necessary style, emphasize the advantages and hide the shortcomings from the eyes.

Fabric is not the last place in importance. There are textured and bulky materials that will only aggravate the situation and add extra pounds. Prin urmare, it is necessary to determine in advance for which the season dress is selected. For summer pyshechke should choose a light flowing material, in winter-medium density, not too tight shape.

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to make the image harmonious and elongated, do not forget about the length. suitable length for any occasion — up to the knees and below. It is rare to find the perfect style that would fit well with a length up to mid-thigh, especially if you want to hide the fullness of your legs. But since there are more than 500 options for checkered outfits, it is quite possible to find the same dress.

What kind of cage can be used in clothing?

To choose the perfect cu dungi dress for full, you need to study the variety of checkered prints in advance. In the event that you are confuz about which one to choose, we have selected the most popular patterns that fashioniste in the body choose from season to season.

Pepita or „chicken foot”

Pepita (known as „chicken foot”) is an elongated square, which can often be seen not so much on stylish rochii, but on business suits and jackets.

The print speaks for itself — it stretches the figure due to oblong patterns and twisted corners, making the silhouette elegant and majestic.

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Plaid rochii in Scottish style fashioniste try to pick up as soon as they go on sale. They have an interesting, memorable pattern — the lines intersectează with each other, combining along and across in ornate patterns.

The image is suitable for girls who prefer plain outfits, but want to make the unique image at the expense of interesting little things. The most popular background for Scottish mesh is bright red, on which white and black patterns contrast in an original way.

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English drawing came into fashion gradually, recalling the intelligent costumes of the British. Although the combination of a gray background and a white stripe is considered classic colors, designers use colors, complementing rochii with red, blue and green shades.

The English checkered pattern is found both large and small. Choose the right one for your needs, as a large cell can increase and shift the emphasis, and a small one can distract and defocus.

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Models of rochii with glencek will perfectly complement the business image, as they have always been associated with intelligence and high cost. The colors sunt foarte concise and strict: gray, milky and dark shades prevail.

If you want novelty, variety of brands offers a dilute of chocolate glencheck, swampy tones. But in this case, you should carefully select accessories.

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Madras is a bright check clothes on that combină strategia all sorts of juicy shades. At the same time, not only the patterns are left checkered, but also the background under them. Popular combinations for the background are white, blue, green, white, brown shades, for patterns — milk, blue, pink, purple and all hiking tones.

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Tartan is often confuz with madras, although the first print is softer and muted. This is a classic of the Scottish style, which was previously not used only in tailoring outfits. And now such clothes both in a cage, and in a strip for full women are very popular.

Previously, a certain color was attributed to a separate settlement, which the distinguished clans from each other. The color palette of tartan is dominated by natural shades, and the ostentative ones are served a little faded.


The vichy cell is filled with notes of Provence, valurile and sparkles on the fabric. The classic version is a combination of black, milky and gray shades in the same proportion. Vichy try to combine with the French style of rochii, complementing them with ruffles and ruffles. The combination with the outfit of the cut of the case care arata frumos.

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Styles of rochii in a cage

Având understood the features of checkered patterns, it ‘ s time to start searching for the very style of dress for a girl. To be on top, you should decide in advance where the outfit will be worn to be fully armed.

casual style

For a look casual, simple-cut models are ideal, among which a checkered elongated shirt is always on trend, as fashion photos show. To add lightness to the bow, choose styles with milk-colored patch collars, flared from the waist, opening the shoulders.

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Trending for the daily image is considered to be knee-length rochii to cover the fullness of the legs, while the bottom should be slightly torn. Beautiful look additions in the form of bright inserts and applications. The brighter the color of the cell, the less they should be.

Business style

For a business bow, choose discret elegant styles of rochii cu dungi. The current dress code will always be a straight cut in a muted color scheme. It is not necessary to choose classic black-white-gray shades, it is enough to stop at low-key colors.

An important role is played by the length of the outfit. Suitable as a length to the ankle, mid-calf and knee. The dress should not completely fit the figure, in some cases it can look defiant. The cut should be slightly loose, so that it does not restrict movement. Trapezoid is also a fail-safe option.
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Evening style

Checkered women ‘ s dress can be interesting to fit into the evening image. It should be both light and romantic, so stop at the floor-length model. The combination of a cage and open with shoulders voluminous ruffles at the chest arata frumos.

To hide the flaws of the figure, choose a style that is narrowed at the waist, falling down in soft waves. As a material, both light and pleasant to the silk touch and chiffon are suitable.

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What to wear plaid with rochii

Having the chosen perfect style of a checkered outfit for all occasions, it remains only to finish the image with suitable accessories and shoes. Making the greșit choice, the bow can easily turn out tasteless, so you should pay special attention to accessories.


Under any cut, you can choose your sandals. They can be either closed or with intricate weaving. For a walk, flat-soled sandals or with a small heel are suitable for the dress code and events-a stable heel. Interesting combinations are obtained with dur pantofi de golf, cizme, ankle boots and even boots that resemble cowboy boots.

Choose shoes for the future purpose Of the image. For example, checkered rochii in boho style are very much appreciated, care in general is created at the expense of the right accessories and shoes.

Interesting look boots to the middle of the shin brown with rivets and small fringe.


Do not choose all the accessories that are at least a little suitable for the image. It is advisable to stop at two, so as not to supraincarcare the finished dark half.

Since the cage is not an easy model, accessories should be simple and plain. For example, an ultra-fashionable thin scarf of calm shades is perfect, which should be either tied around the neck or on the handle of the purse. It is interesting to look overhead collars of contrasting colors.

The headdress is selected for a separately selected dress. For an everyday look, it will be nude caps, wide-brimmed hats and caps. There are styles that are suitable for a pastel turban or bandage.

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Handbags choose a simple cut, muted colors, without any decor. If you choose a calm color dress, you can take a bag of a brighter color. A thin leather strap will help to make the silhouette more subțire și curată.

Stylish images in checkered dresses for full

To look interesting, fresh and trendy, it is enough to choose a neat checkered dress. In this outfit, you can go even to a party, even to a chic social event. Designers are constantly looking for new original cells, combining them with interesting accessories. But not every fashionista can get the desired effect from the first time. In order not to lose money and create a fashionable image, it is better to get acquainted with ready-made combinations from famous stylists.

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the checkered pattern can be eliminarea called one of the most fashionable prints of our time. At the same time, there are no restrictions for the age or upcoming event. Full girls have long loved it, as you can adjust the figure with separate inserts. In order not to be afraid of experimente, you should read the basic recommendations for combinations with the cell in advance.