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23e15b33a7e7c45a77a72a7595e6a372 - Elegant evening and cocktail dresses for women overweight

Elegant evening and cocktail dresses for women overweight

a lady with any shape can look attractive and elegant in orice outfit, the main thing is to know how to choose it correctly, adhering to the basic rules. the evening dress selected according to the features of the figure for overweight women is a real find, as it can both the correct proportions and remove unnecessary accente from problem areas.

23e15b33a7e7c45a77a72a7595e6a372 - Elegant evening and cocktail dresses for women overweight

How to choose an evening dress for a full figure

when choosing the perfect evening dress for a girl full, consider a number of basic criteria that are usually based on. The task is to:

Look instalatorul and slimmer. Adjust the lines, focusing on the advantages (for example, a lush bust).

There are a number of tips on how to choose the perfect cocktail dress.


Oddly enough, the length of the dress for overweight women is often the most difficult to choose, since the features of the figure require their own style. There are three main models for curvy ladies — short, knee-length and long.

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A short (mini) cocktail dress for overweight women is an option exclusively for the most daring. But still, the optimal length of such a cut of the model is considered to be slightly above the knee.

An evening dress for full ladies does not provide for a too high neckline, as it can be somewhat vulgar and even funny. If you want to take a risk, then choose a combination with high boots or dark tights.

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Up to the knee

the golden mean for a cocktail dress of a large size is the midi length or slightly below the knee level. An evening dress of this style is suitable for any type of figure, as it will be the most advantageous.

The style will be able to cover the oversized knees and tighten the silhouette, adding the desired proportionality and harmony to the bottom.

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If you want to stretch your figure and visually appear more graceful and taller, then feel free to choose a long evening dress for full ladies. It is suitable for both short women in addition to high-heeled shoes, and for tall ones who want to emphasize their greatness.

The most popular styles of a long elegant dress for full is considered a model with a long sleeve and a full A-line skirt. If you already have a floor-length evening dress and are looking for something new, pay attention to the cut-off waist, asymmetric hem, A-line skirt and floor-length evening dresses for overweight women in the Greek style.


It is no secret that for a special occasion you need to choose clothes from expensive and high-quality fabrics, especially baze de crom decorative inserts. if you choose a dense, non-flying fabric, the image will become heavy and non-festive. Prin urmare, pay attention to the selection of the following materials.

Lace and guipure

A beautiful evening dress for a full figure is best decorated with lace and guipure, care sunt mai popular than ever this season. A small openwork element can easily decorate the sleeve, bodice, hem and back.

actual models are trapezoidal or fitted shape with an air cover and lace inserts.

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when choosing, pay attention to the quality of the materials. Lace, like guipure, very easily comes to a defective state, deci, înainte de cumpărare, you should carefully review the fabric.


chiffon is a thin, almost weightless material that will add and tenderness sophistication to an evening outfit for a plump woman. if you compare with the popular silk or satin, chiffon will not add extra pounds to the figure, but only emphasize the advantages of the figure.

Do not lose sight of the puffs that very often apar on the outfit. prin urmare, you should check everything before buying.

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a neat cocktail dress looks good in combination with expensive velvet. this is the material that does not exactly go with a lush style, especially if the length is short. suitable for a figure in which you want to hide the minimum number of flaws, as the fabric can easily expunere them all to the light.

do not skimp on this material! low-quality velvet has a dense pile, which will only add volume to appetizing forms.

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color and print

it is a greșeală to think that only dark colors of rochii will be able to look advantageous on full ladies. There is a huge palette of shades, which with the right choice of style will make the image the most beautiful and successful at a party or official event.

red is passion and wealth, care sunt especially emphasized in a dress with a full skirt or a beautiful drapery.

Black is a classic that can sharpen shapes. But with this choice, you should focus on accessories and additional decorations on the outfit itself, for example, with gold sau silver.

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Pure white is a color that you should be extremely careful with. It looks best for a party in combination with a fitted top and a lush bottom style, as well as a cocktail dress with a pencil skirt.

cream is the latest trend seen on the red carpet stars. Greek images in such shades are especially popular. If you choose your nude tone, you can beautifully emphasize the skin color.

it is worth looking at all sorts of shades of blue palette: sky, sapphire, azure, cornflower blue. It plays best with the „cold” female appearance.

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Take the print and desene seriously, especially the stripes. Horizontal lines will add volume to the figure, as well as too voluminous applications. It is better to focus on small accente, for example, peas or a cage.

Models of dresses for full

To choose the best individual style of evening dress for a full girl, you should understand the features of each of them. For example, among women of low growth, there is not such a large selection of models. Prin urmare, you should be very careful when choosing an outfit, so that both the top and the skirt fit well.

In Greek style

Stylish rochii in the Greek style are characterized by flowing light fabric, interesting shades, soft flounces and multiple draperies. to choose the right style of evening dress for a full woman in this style, remember you should only natural fabrics, as they play on the figure in different ways. Organza, satin, mătase look best.

Shiny fabrics for full ladies are not suitable at all they add volume. Give preference to matte textures.

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With sleeves

The model of an evening dress with a sleeve is a good option for autumn and winter. If you want to use such an element in the warm season, then there are many options for outfits for plump ones with transparent and flying sleeves.

Such an accent in clothing can easily hide excessive fullness of the handles, postoperative scars or stretch marks, as well as adjust the proportions of the shoulders to the hips.

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with a sun skirt

The advantage of an elegant dress for overweight women with a sun skirt is its versatilitate. it is able to adjust absolutely any type of figure. Especially advantageous will be the option of a full skirt to the floor, as the style will hide the shortcomings of the hips and abdomen.

if this is not enough, then take note of models with a fitted silhouette and ruffles in the decollete area. this outfit will not only hide the flaws, but also emphasize the waist and the beauty of the bust.

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A small sheath dress is a classic among outfits for social events and parties. Dense, non-luminous fabrics are ideal: they slightly „flow around” the figure, emphasizing the advantages and the hiding shortcomings. To accurately hit the target, choose black or dark shades.

Pay attention to the curată drapery if you want to remove the protruding burtica. Too tight-fitting front without such frills can expunere flaws on display, so you should decide in advance on the type of model.

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Fashionable styles among the cases-rochii this season are considered to be all in solid matte shades with minimalistic decorations. The focus should be on the image itself-hair, makeup and purse.


If you do not have time to get in shape for the main celebration — it does not matter. There are a huge number of suitable wedding styles of dresses for overweight women, able to adjust the figure and make the bride the most beautiful and delicate.

immediately you need to understand that we choose a model for a full woman for a celebration, so we immediately focus on the advantages: large and high breasts, handles, waist and elegant calves. Prin urmare, certain câștigătoare parts of the body must be opened.

The second point is a comfortable corset. Even if you can not boast of a thin waist, it will cope with the task one hundred percent: it will pull down and give you smooth curves.

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The most popular styles for a wedding:

Greek; „Fish”; Full dress and floor-length; Double-căptușite and cropped.

It is not necessary to choose only outfits in light shades, especially traditional white. Celebrities have long shown how to combine bright colors at the main celebration to create a delicate, but at the same time atypical image. Perfect for pink, blue and pastel shades.

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How to choose a dress by height

It is necessary to be editările when choosing a dress for your type of figure. Designers, choosing a cut, come up with cool ideas for wedding images, forgetting to make the main emphasis — on growth. And he plays not the last role.

For small stature

stylists recommend choosing short girls a-line evening dress of medium sau small length. Beautifully complements the model for the evening with an asymmetric cut of the skirt. long floor-length rochii will have to be forgotten if they are made of dense and heavy fabric-the image will be made the same. but if you choose light and flying materials for a dress for plump women of small stature, especially in combination with high-heeled shoes, then the image will come out chic.

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For high growth

Fashion has given tall women more options. Don ‘ t hesitate to wear as the fitted covers, and long styles with a flying fabrics. For these models, deep cutouts on the back and slits in the skirt, deep cleavage are especially well suited.

If you choose a dress for a full woman with a belly, then you should abandoneze the complex cut: it will completely break the proportion and make the figure more inform. Too short an outfit is also not the best option.

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What to wear an evening dress for a full figure

When the style, color and material are selected, it remains to decide what is the best way to combine an outfit for a curvy shape. Delicate boleros and plain capes are still in fashion. To make the image less elegant, and the silhouette did not give out skin pliază, complement it with a jacket or a fashionable jacket.

Do not pick up accesorii tone to tone, as this is a direct guarantee of bad taste. The best option is different shades. As for shoes, then you should rely only on a stable heel and good compatibility with the main color of the dress.

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if you want grace, add a coquettishly tied neckerchief or a thin scarf. Complete the evening with bow a pair of elegant earrings, a bracelet and a necklace.

fashion images in evening dresses for full

având learned to correctly select the style, you can cope with the selection of rochii in the floor for full even better than an experienced stylist. But still, designers like no other are able to throw up a new ideas on how to wear and combine new fashion styles.

for example, to remove the accent from the legs and thighs, it is not enough just to wear a full skirt — the material can reveal everything hidden. in this case, it is a multi-layer model that will help and it does not matter what length it will be. Prin urmare, to make the right choice of an evening dress, a photo collection will help.

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Every girl must look chic at the event, no matter what type of figure she has. A inițiat selected evening model can even make a full figure elegant and spectacular. The main thing is to learn how to present your advantages beautifully and unobtrusively hide minor shortcomings. Then the image will definitely be unforgettable.