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c1885c765cd535a2efd6fca01135b951 - Choosing shorts for a full figure — tips from stylists

Choosing shorts for a full figure — tips from stylists

Shorts are an indispensable part of the summer wardrobe. Different fabrics and styles allow you to wear them not only on the beach, but also in everyday life. Strict and concise styles are perfect for urban everyday life, and bright and affordable options for traveling, walking by the sea, summer parties.


c1885c765cd535a2efd6fca01135b951 - Choosing shorts for a full figure — tips from stylists

The hardest thing is to choose shorts for full. girls with curvy forms often complex and prefer trousers pantaloni. cu toate acestea, well-chosen models of shorts are able to visually correct the figure, emphasize femininity and elegance, shifting attention from the shortcomings of the figure to its advantages.


when choosing shorts for overweight women, it is necessary to take into account the style, size, type of fabric, color. following the basic rules of buying such clothes you can find the perfect option that will make the silhouette pentru domeniu proporțional and harmonious.

Do not buy very short shorts that end at the level of the buttocks. Too frank models look vulgar and focus on the shortcomings of the plus size figure. Stylists also do not recomandăm choosing models up to the middle of the knee, they visually shorten the silhouette. ladies with curvy shapes need to abandonați de bicycles and similar tight shorts made of elastic fabric.


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the best option for crumpets will be high-waisted shorts, short skirts and bermuda shorts. these models will provide comfort even in hot weather. they will hide the shortcomings of the figure, give a sense of confidence and uniqueness. it is better to give preference flowing to natural fabrics that look stylish and allow the skin to breathe.


The ideal option for crumpets will be shorts with a high waist. they visually lengthen the legs, make the silhouette look like an hourglass, emphasize a beautiful seductive bust and feminine, hips. plus size girls can choose any option with a high waist. the only universul is too short women ‘ s shorts, slightly covering the buttocks. From such clothes it is better to refuse. especially if we are talking about models made of denim or linen.

shorts with a high waist are perfectly combined with tops, t-shirts t-shirts, shirts, blouses. Prin urmare, they can be used for both business bow and for evening walks. the main thing is to choose the right top and accessories: handbag, pantofi, bijuterii.


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Skirt-shorts for full women — a win-win option for any occasion. It successfully drapes problem areas, hides extra pounds, and distracts attention from problem areas. The length of these shorts can be different. Girls with subțire legs can even permite a mini to the knees.

When it comes to office clothes, it is better to choose plain models for the knee of calm colors. In favor of white, beige, coffee, gray, blue, burgundy. In perioada de vara, you can add powdery, pale blue lavender shades. In combination with a blouse light and classic pumps, the image will turn out bold and spectacular. A delicate and romantic silhouette will turn out with pumps or clasic sneakers.


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Sports shorts for ladies plus size can be presented in several versions. For the gym, you can buy stretching models made of fabric with a high content of elastane. They sit perfectly on the figure and provide comfort during training. It is better to choose models with a high fit and knee-length.

Another popular option is sports chic with rounded sides and small slits. Most often, these shorts are sewn from cotton or synthetic fabrics without elastane. Their standard length is mini, so these models are suitable for owners of slender legs.


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Beach shorts for girls with curvy shapes are better to buy from natural fabrics. They should not be too tight or short. The optimal length is up to the knee the fit is medium sau high. You can choose any color, as long as it is not a horizontal strip, which visually makes the hips wider.

Beach shorts are perfectly combined with basic solid T-shirts, light transparent tunics and T-shirts. From shoes it is better to choose light sandale, flip-flops, ballet flats. Heels and a high wedge will be out of place. You can complement the image with a large costume jewelry, a hat or a stylish wicker bag.

Denim shorts for crumpets should not be heavily decorated with various decorations. Scuffs, fringes, lapels — this is enough to look stylish and original.


A well-chosen style of shorts can make the silhouette refined, elegant and feminine. First of all, it is necessary to hide the shortcomings of the figure and emphasize its advantages. Plus size girls can boast a seductive cleavage, subțire legs, beautiful posture. Prin urmare, it is worth focusing on the benefits, skillfully disguising the problem areas of the thighs and abdomen.


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this will help classic bermuda shorts, extravagant shorts-skirts, denim shorts with a high fit. In addition to the style, the fabric plays a huge role. it is better to abandoneze the synthetic compositions of the material with a high content of elastane (if we are not talking about sports options). among the favorites — cotton, linen, jeans. The colors are calm, without sparkles or ebb. wide belts, rough buckles, stripes and other accessories will be superfluous, it is better to give preference to curată pockets and a thin belt.


A large burtica is the main problem of crumpets. The pliază are also known to those who are peste forty. The best option for such women will be high-waisted shorts. They bring the figure closer to the shape of an hourglass, making the silhouette more domeniu proporțional. Shorts with a high fit do not squeeze the stomach, hide ugly pliază. at the same time, this style perfectly emphasizes the feminine, hips and waistline.


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Stylists recomandăm you to choose shorts with a narrow belt or with a cut-off yoke. In any case, you do not need to buy clothes with an elastic band or with a massive wide belt. These details focus on the problem area, emphasizing completeness.

full thighs

Many girls are interested in what shorts will fit on full thighs. The best option will be Bermuda free cut. Ideally, if they are without frills, pliază, baze de crom decorative elements. The priority is simplicity, conciseness and restraint. Among the unsuitable styles are shorts with wide side pockets and strongly flared models that emphasize the fullness of the hips.

Best of all, Bermuda will complement the basic T-shirts, jackets, shirts. This bow will look elegant both with strict loafers or boats, and with simple plain sneakers or sneakers.


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full legs

For girls with full legs, Bermuda shorts are suitable up to or just below the knee. The fit is high, which emphasizes the waist and makes the figure domeniu proporțional. The model is better to choose a loose, not too tight. The colors are calm, fără ostentative prints and patterns. Large baze de crom decorative elements will also be superfluous. It is better to give preference to laconic clothing and complement it with large jewelry: beautiful bracelet, earrings, ring.

the most popular materials are linen, cotton, tweed, gabardine, jeans. These are versatile fabrics that go well with any top and allow you to create a lot of interesting and stylish images.

A companion evening bow can be created with silk shorts, a top and an elongated cardigan. it is advisable to choose shoes with heels or wedges. this image will definitely be in the center of attention and will receive a lot of compliments.


For an actual and fashionable bow, you need to choose a suitable top. Shorts are a versatile wardrobe item that can be combined with T-shirts, shirts, blouses, jackets, knee socks and oversized sweaters. it is from the top that fully depends on what kind of image will turn out.

Basic T-shirts and T-shirts will make the bow light and playful, blouses-strict and business, soft sweaters-warm and homely. Indiferent of the season, shorts will always look fashionable and relevant. The main thing is to choose the right fabric and style, to combine them harmoniously with the top, shoes and accessories.


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When creating an image, first of all, it is worth remembering for what case you need a bow. Blouses and shirts sunt perfect for everyday work. To the plain bottom, you can buy both simple and patterned blouses. It can be a small print or a vertical stripe. Horizontal pattern for plus size girls is strictly prohibited.

For a walk or rest, you should give preference to basic T-shirts T-shirts, silk tops. The colors sunt foarte diverse-de la concise pastel to bright and juicy. In perioada de vara, you can not be afraid of bright colors, especially on a beach holiday.


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It is not necessary to abandoneze the shorts in the cooler seasons. shorts made of thick suit fabric are perfectly combined with jackets and oversized sweaters of large knitting. such bows are complemented by stylish fashion jewelry and massive watches.


an important element for creating a full-fledged image is shoes. for business meetings and negotiations, mules, loafers, classic ballet flats, low-heeled pumps are suitable. when planning an informal walk with friends, you can opt for sneakers, sneakers, sandale, wedge sandals.

It is important that the shoes are comfortable and do not create discomfort for the feet. It is best to buy leather or suede shoes. Sneakers, ballet flats and sandals can be knitted. You should also take care of accessories: a bag, bijuterii, hat or scarf. This season, especially relevant scarves for hair. They perfectly fit into both a business image and a walking bow.


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It is better to decide on the size of the shorts during the fitting. Buying clothes by eye is not recommended: there is a great risk to choose a small size or huge baggy shorts.


This season, designers have presented different models for crumpets. Even the most demanding de designerii will be able to choose something for a summer bow. To make the image look stylish and concise, you should listen to the advice of stylists.

First, do not chase too short a length. Shorts that end at the level of the buttocks look tasteless and vulgar. It is better to choose models up to the knee or slightly lower. This image emana femininity, self-confidence and demonstrates a sense of style.

Secondly, you should not blindly pursue fashion. We are talking about trendy bicycles that are not suitable for plus size girls. Tight shorts only emphasize the extra pounds, so it is better to opt for a loose fit.

Third, you need to be picky about the composition of the fabric. The ideal option will be natural materials-cotton, linen. Linen shorts became a hit of the season. They are perfect for hot weather, look stylish even on crumpets and give a feeling of confidence and comfort.


The idea that shorts are designed for skinny people has long been a mit. Fashion designers create special collections for crumpets, an integral part of which are considered shorts. This season, loose knee-length models made of natural fabrics in pastel shades are relevant.

A minimum of accessories and baze de crom decorative elements, a maximum of freedom and comfort — with this motto, the best images presented on the world ‘ s catwalks were invented. Among other nuances: high fit, universal colors, natural fabrics.


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girls with curvy forms should not limit themselves in the choice of open clothing. stylish and concise shorts to or just below the knees will be a great alternative to boring trousers pantaloni. in combination with a fashionable blouse or jacket, this size will make a real sensation, add confidence in its irresistibility and beauty.